Virtual Tours and Accessibility

Established in 2017, is a virtual tour directory developed to make businesses, property and locations more accessible to all.

OOVIRT's name is a play on the French word 'ouvert', meaning 'open' and the Scots word 'oor', meaning 'our'. This is the driving vision for the platform, to use virtual tours to open up access to our shared planet. We are a small but passionate team who believe in the digital marketing power of virtual tours. The platform enables any virtual tour creator to showcase their tour and share it with the world. We are always looking at creative ways of integrating the real ethos of any business into a virtual tour.

A virtual tour is usually a collection of panoramic images that are played in sequence to view like a moving video or linked together through a number of viewing points. Additional sound and text effects can also be added to enhance the experience. A virtual tour may also use computer generated models in place of real-life video and images.

360 cameras used to capture the panoramic images for virtual tours are becoming more common place. Costs are continuing to decrease whilst picture quality is on the increase. The opportunity for businesses to showcase their property in this way has never been more accessible and beneficial.

We are looking to collaborate with businesses and virtual tours companies to help promote their businesses through virtual tours. Our aim is to promote local businesses and attractions and to give a real view of a city or location to better connect locals and visitors. A virtual tour can never substitute the actual viewing, but can provide an enticing flavour of what can be experienced and enjoyed in any given location.

A virtual tour can open up the world to any inquisitive learner or visitor and help bring them closer to your location. Our passion for virtual tours and the benefits we see in them, have led us to design this platform to help us better connect with one another. We hope that authors of virtual tours and business or organisations that have, or would like to have a virtual tour, come on 'oor' journey and open up virtual tours to the world.


Virtual Tours and Accessibility

Imagine being a customer with accessibility anxieties, or a carer for such a person. This could be an elderly person, a parent with a child (or more) or anyone with visible or non-visible disabilities. As much as pictures and text can describe and show certain elements of a location, it is still quite difficult to fully immerse yourself in that location without being there. This can lead to uncertainty in a customer visiting your business, or reservations whether to proceed with a booking or purchase.

A virtual tour is designed to bridge this gap so your customer can familiarise themselves with your surroundings in a 360-degree manner. Your customer can look around your business as if they were actually there, giving them the confidence to visit your business or make a booking/purchase online.

In addition to the visual experience your customer can benefit from, a virtual tour can highlight all the potential accessibility issues that a customer may face. Each 360-degree photo can include hotspots containing information on;

  • sizes
  • measurements
  • angle of slopes
  • number of steps
  • member of staff to speak to regarding certain issues
  • contact and travel to information
  • process for assisting persons with disabilities e.g. At an intercom, press 3 times to indicate you have hearing difficulties
  • accessibility facilities
  • or where any other potential issue may arise

The virtual tour combined with accessibility information is a bespoke service for each individual business. It is highly customisable to suit the needs of your business. It can offer great comfort for anyone who has hesitations to visit your business either in person or online.

We believe that virtual tours are a great tool that has so much potential. Our product is much more than a standard virtual tour, the 360-degree images are merely a platform to promote your brand and facilities through making your venue accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. In essence, the virtual tour displays all the practical information in an interactive format that will give people the confidence, independence and knowledge to visit the your location, especially those with disabilities, young or elderly visitors. Open your business up to the vast accessible tourism market today!

All copyright material supplied to Oovirt is retained by the original owner. Oovirt solely has permission to display the material.