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A big thing that I'm worried about on the day is access to the disability viewing platform. In the accessibility description, it states you are only allowed one person with you there. The way I see it though is that people with a disability have friends as well as carers. I'm not going to leave my friend to stand on her own while I'm in the viewing platform, and in turn I'm not going to leave my carer on her own either. I'm hoping on the day they'll let the three of us in, I mean it's not like there's ten of us.

The use of the viewing platform for me all depends on the weather. We can't control the weather and chances are it will probably rain, we do live in Scotland remember. The chance of rain is something that I'm not looking forward to though, my wheelchair does not do well on the grass when it's raining. One year at T in the Park my wheelchair got stuck in the mud and people had to push me out, it was very embarrassing. Anyway, fingers crossed everyone it is sunny and warm, if it helps, let's all do a sun dance (or does that only work to make it rain...?).

Changing Places toilet in Camperdown Park (access key required) - Move around image and click on interactive links for more information

I must praise the people organising Carnival 56 though, besides the fact that I'm not really fond of the way I had to book a carers ticket, I am happy with the access information they have provided. Even before I booked the tickets, there was information available about disabled parking etc. With the days leading up to this weekend they are also releasing more information in general.

Disabled Parking Area - By prebooking only. Please contact:

One thing they have said is that you are not allowed to re-enter the site, however after messaging to explain I may need to use the changing places toilet beside the play area, they have sent me a letter to grant me re-entry. We'll have to see if anything arises throughout the day but I will keep you posted. I'm hoping it will be a success because it's a great thing to have taking place in Dundee.

Tune in tomorrow for a preview look inside the arena and additional accessibility information.

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