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This weekend Dundee is hosting their latest music festival at Camperdown Country Park and I am heading there to check out their accessibility. The festival is called Carnival 56, and when I found out my hometown was hosting this event I was so excited. Usually to go to something like this it involves a little bit of traveling. Not this time though, I'm able to just fall into bed 30 minutes after it finishing (if there's not too much traffic).

Carnival 56 setting up at Camperdown Park for this weekend's event

The first thing I had to know before booking tickets was if they supply a carer's ticket free of charge. Most shows and concerts do but you can never be certain. I sent a message on Facebook and they replied straight away saying they did. Only issue was that you had to email an access email address after purchasing your ticket to book the free one. I did this straight away, but didn't get a response. I started to worry that tickets were going to sell out so emailed again a week later and got a response 2 weeks later with a form to fill in. Now usually when I book my tickets for things I just book a carers ticket alongside them, not this time though. No, for Carnival 56 I had to fill out a form with my carer's details. Luckily, I knew exactly who I was taking, but sometimes I don't. Anyway, my ticket along with my friends got delivered to my house, however my carer has to pick hers up on the day with her ID in hand. I feel like this is a bit of a pain because we will have to queue to pick up one ticket when we already have the other two. We'll have to do it though and then we'll hopefully be able to enjoy an accessible music festival.

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